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Court rulings

Court ruling (against InterRisk) Court ruling (against PZU) Court ruling (against TU „Warta”) Court ruling (against InterRisk)

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References from the clients

We are very happy to hear words of gratitude from our satisfied customers. Below we have decided to place a number of references that we have received from our clients and judgments of the courts of the Republic of Poland, which confirm the amounts of settlements that we have managed to win. Please, get familiar […]

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PLN 32000

The story In July 2014, the owner of the farm Mr. Tomasz W. had an accident while performing field work. He was hit by a passing tractor, resulting in injuries to his left knee, hip and pelvis. The injuries required hospitalization and immobilization of the affected body parts. Mr. Tomasz was deprived of the opportunity […]

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PLN 900000

The story On June 6, 2015, Ms. Katarzyna P. was hit on a pedestrian crossing by a passenger car driver who did not help the victim and then fled the scene of the accident. Ms. Katarzyna suffered numerous internal injuries, she was transported to the hospital, but there she succumbed to her injuries. The victim […]

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PLN 350000

The story In March 2013 in Warsaw, Mr. Kazimierz T. suffered multiple injuries and numerous fractures as a result of a fall from a height at his workplace. He was renovating the facade of a block of flats, and the accident occurred due to improper security of the place where the renovation works were being […]

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PLN 20000

The story In January 2014, Ms. Eugenia K. broke her arm during a fall on a slippery pavement surface in the Krakow market square. The fracture affected the ulna and, according to the orthopedist’s recommendation, the hand had to be immobilized for three weeks. Everyday functioning of Ms. Eugenia was hindered, she felt pain and […]

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PLN 80000

The story In December 2014, Krystyna W., an elderly woman – Michał G.’s grandmother, died in a traffic accident near Rzeszów. She was hit while getting off the bus by a passenger car driver who did not notice the woman. Although he was traveling at a low speed, the collision in the case of an […]

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PLN 700000 + pension

The story In April 2012, at one of the intersections in Wrocław, there was a serious collision between a bus carrying passengers and a motorcycle. The bus driver turned out to be guilty as he did not notice the motorcyclist and forced the right of way, which led to a collision between the two vehicles. […]

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PLN 60000

The story In May 1999, at the intersection of two main streets in Lublin, there was a traffic accident in which Ms. Jadwiga B. got injured. As a result of the collision of two passenger vehicles, the woman suffered a serious fracture to her femur, requiring a long period of treatment and painful rehabilitation. For […]

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How we work

  • You send us an application - we analyze your case and sign a contract.
  • Lawyers verify the documents and report the case to the Insurance Company.
  • Thanks to the CRM platform, you have constant access to the procedure and you are able to monitor it on an ongoing basis.
  • We negotiate the best conditions - if they are satisfactory, you receive compensation.
    If the settlement is underestimated - we refer the case to court (the costs are covered by PKPP). The amount due is granted by a court ruling.
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Who we are

PKPP — is a compensatory law firm in Warsaw, a team of qualified lawyers with experience in enforcing compensations. We have been on the compensation market for several years and have closed a lot of cases, but we are not satisfied with quick settlements.

We treat each case individually, providing the victim with comprehensive care. We conduct court, civil and criminal cases at every stage.

We take over all activities and formalities related to compensation, and if necessary, we provide funds for the necessary rehabilitation.

We make every effort to ensure that all our activities are clear and understandable for those affected by fate who turn to us for help.

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Why they trust us

Transparent conditions

At the first meeting, we provide you with information on the terms of the concluded contract and planned activities. You will receive from us a list of documents necessary to conduct the case.

Our remuneration is only composed of a commission on the amount of settlement reached – its amount is determined depending on the type of case.

24/7 care

We travel to clients in Warsaw and across the entire area of Poland. We offer constant contact with a lawyer in order to consult the progress, both online and by phone.

It is possible to monitor the progress of your proceedings online at any time using our online platform (CRM system).

Flexible rules

We approach each customer individually. We carry out a free analysis of the case, and the client does not bear any costs.

It is possible to withdraw from the contract within 14 days without incurring any financial consequences.