Agricultural accidents

Agriculture has undergone huge changes over the last dozen years. Horses and other animals of burden, used until recently, have been replaced by modern machines worth sometimes hundreds of thousands of zlotys. Unfortunately, despite the security systems they come equipped with, the farmer’s work is not always completely safe. Accidents in agriculture can happen both to people using traditional methods and equipment, as well as to fully modern farmers.

According to data provided by KRUS, the number of accidents in agriculture in 2018 decreased compared to the previous period, but it was still about 15000 events. However, the number of fatal accidents increased and amounted to 81 cases in the discussed period. Each of them is a tragedy for the loved ones, and often also the loss of a person responsible for the entire farm and agricultural production. What is a family without a breadwinner to do? It is worth checking whether we are entitled to a claim and compensation for an accident in agriculture.

Polska Kancelaria Pomocy Poszkodowanym considers helping farmers who have suffered accidents as one of the priorities of its activity. If there has been a tragic event that resulted in death, then we do everything to ensure that the relatives of the victim of an agricultural accident receive adequate compensation. Unfortunately, the proposals of insurance companies often only partially compensate for the lost earnings. Fighting them is difficult and time-consuming for individuals, and farmers are one of the busiest social groups.

Our law firm offers a free analysis of every case you provide us with. At the agreed time, we will provide you with an action plan and write letters to insurance companies on your behalf. If you believe that you are entitled to claim damages and compensation for an accident in agriculture, please contact us.

In the event of an accident on a farm, we conduct cases to obtain compensation for the following:

  • for bodily injury to the farmer and cooperating persons caused by agricultural machinery;
  • for unfortunate accidents – falls, fractures, etc.;
  • for bodily injury caused by animal behavior.
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