How to receive claim settlement after a fire?

Fire is one of the elements that can consume the achievements of our lives within a few minutes. In a fire, we can lose not only our home, but also books, souvenirs and home furnishings that we have collected throughout our lives. Settlement after a fire is often the only hope for the beginning of a new life. So, how can you receive one?

– When my house burned down, I was really heartbroken – says Mr. Adam from Elbląg. – Luckily, my family was okay, but we lost possessions of our entire life. Our house was insured, but the insurance company was not willing to settle the claim. Fortunately, we used the services of Polska Kancelaria Pomocy Poszkodowanym. The lawyers turned out to be very kind and professional. Thanks to their work and the compensation we ultimately received, we are now in the process of building a new house.

According to statistics, over 120000 fires break out in Poland every year. Unfortunately, legal practice demonstrates that even insuring your belongings does not always guarantee a settlement in a satisfactory amount. Therefore, if you have suffered a fire and want to obtain compensation for a burnt building, contact PKPP. Our lawyers will analyze your case free of charge, determine the method of operation and prepare the necessary documents. You will not incur any costs. Contact us today.

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