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60 thousand PLN for a traffic accident from 1999

The story

In May 1999, at the intersection of two main streets in Lublin, there was a traffic accident in which Ms. Jadwiga B. got injured.

As a result of the collision of two passenger vehicles, the woman suffered a serious fracture to her femur, requiring a long period of treatment and painful rehabilitation.

For a long time after the accident Ms. Jadwiga was not aware of her rights and the amount of compensation she could apply for, so for years she did not make any efforts in this direction.

In 2015, however, she turned to Polska Kancelaria Pomocy Poszkodowanym for help.

Insurer’s proposal

The Insurance Company, after analyzing the case of Ms. Jadwiga, proposed a settlement of PLN 15000 for the injuries suffered, hiding behind the number of years that have passed since the accident and the inability to collect relevant documentation.

The advisers of Polska Kancelaria Pomocy Poszkodowanym decided to make every effort to ensure that Ms. Jadwiga received a higher amount of compensation due.

Settlement received

The advisers and lawyers of our law firm thoroughly analyzed Ms. Jadwiga’s case, collected the necessary documentation and prepared the appropriate strategy, which ultimately resulted in the payment of PLN 60000 for breaking the femur in a traffic accident in 1999.

Despite the passage of time, we collected complete documentation and conducted the proceedings in such a way that compensation was transferred to the victim without the need of a lawsuit.

This is a perfect example of a case confirming the legitimacy of seeking your rights even multiple years after the accident.

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