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PLN 900 thousand for the death of mother who was hit by a car

The story

On June 6, 2015, Ms. Katarzyna P. was hit on a pedestrian crossing by a passenger car driver who did not help the victim and then fled the scene of the accident.

Ms. Katarzyna suffered numerous internal injuries, she was transported to the hospital, but there she succumbed to her injuries.

The victim was a widow who was raising two children on her own and at the time of the accident was on her way to the kindergarten where she was supposed to collect them.

On that day, she orphaned two small children who had already lost their father.

Insurer’s proposal

After analyzing Ms. Katarzyna’s case, the Insurance Company proposed a payment of PLN 450000 to her immediate family.

However, this amount was unsatisfactory for the legal guardian of the deceased woman’s children, who turned to our law firm for help on their behalf.

Settlement reached

PKPP’s advisers and lawyers thoroughly analyzed Ms. Katarzyna’s case, collected the necessary documentation and prepared an appropriate action strategy, which ultimately resulted in the transfer of PLN 900.000 for the woman’s orphaned children and the immediate family of Ms. Katarzyna, who were taking care of the children.

The case was successfully concluded without the need of a lawsuit – the Insurance Company recognized our arguments and the prepared documentation as a valid basis for the payment of the requested compensation.

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