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PLN 32 thousand for a farming accident

The story

In July 2014, the owner of the farm Mr. Tomasz W. had an accident while performing field work. He was hit by a passing tractor, resulting in injuries to his left knee, hip and pelvis.

The injuries required hospitalization and immobilization of the affected body parts.

Mr. Tomasz was deprived of the opportunity to continue field work and manage the farm in the way he did before the accident.

In addition, he incurred the costs of treatment and rehabilitation, which were necessary for the process of returning to full physical fitness.

Insurer’s proposal

The Insurance Company, after analyzing Mr. Tomasz’s case, proposed a payment of PLN 20000 for injuries sustained on the farm, but the victim decided to turn to PKPP.

Settlement reached

PKPP’s advisers and lawyers thoroughly analyzed Mr. Tomasz’s case, collected the necessary documentation and prepared an appropriate action strategy, which ultimately resulted in the transfer of PLN 32000 for the accident on the farm.

The proceedings required a lawsuit to obtain payment of the appropriate amount to the injured party.

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