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80 thousand for grandmother’s death in an accident

The story

In December 2014, Krystyna W., an elderly woman – Michał G.’s grandmother, died in a traffic accident near Rzeszów. She was hit while getting off the bus by a passenger car driver who did not notice the woman.

Although he was traveling at a low speed, the collision in the case of an elderly woman with health problems ended in her death.

The boy’s legal guardian applied for compensation on behalf of Ms. Krystyna’s grandson, under whose care he had been for several years.

Insurer’s proposal

After analyzing Ms. Krystyna’s case, the Insurance Company proposed a payment of PLN 25000 for Michał G. for the loss of his grandmother in the traffic accident.

However, this amount was unsatisfactory for him, so the boy’s legal guardian turned to Polska Kancelaria Pomocy Poszkodowanym for help.

Settlement reached

The work of advisers and lawyers resulted in the form of PLN 80 thousand for the grandson of the deceased woman.

In this case, no external lawsuit was necessary, which significantly shortened the waiting time for the payment of compensation from the Insurance Company – the arguments presented by our law firm were sufficient.

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