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PLN 1.4 million for the family for death as a result of an accident

The story

In May 2013, as a result of injuries sustained in a traffic accident near Sandomierz, Mr. Tomasz W. died. During a car collision he was a passenger in the car which was hit by a speeding lorry.

The driver of the truck and the perpetrator lost control of the vehicle as a result of not adjusting his speed to the road conditions, which resulted in the fatal accident.

Mr. Tomasz left behind his parents, wife and three children, six grandchildren and four siblings.

Insurer’s proposal

The Insurance Company, after analyzing Mr. Tomasz’s case, proposed a payment of PLN 100000 to the immediate family of the deceased.

However, this amount was unsatisfactory for the entire family of Mr. Tomasz, so his wife turned to Polska Kancelaria Pomocy Poszkodowanym for help.

Settlement received

The advisors and lawyers of our law firm thoroughly analyzed the application of Mr. Tomasz’s wife, collected the necessary documentation and took actions that ultimately resulted in the payment of PLN 1.4 million in compensation to the family of the deceased.

In this case, it was necessary to begin legal proceedings because the Insurance Company did not agree to pay such a high compensation to the family.

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