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PLN 20 thousand for an arm broken on the pavement

The story

In January 2014, Ms. Eugenia K. broke her arm during a fall on a slippery pavement surface in the Krakow market square.

The fracture affected the ulna and, according to the orthopedist’s recommendation, the hand had to be immobilized for three weeks.

Everyday functioning of Ms. Eugenia was hindered, she felt pain and discomfort.

Insurer’s proposal

The Insurance Company, after analyzing the case, proposed a transfer of PLN 5000 to Ms. Eugenia, who, however, asked for help in enforcing a higher settlement from Polska Kancelaria Pomocy Poszkodowanym.

Settlement reached

The advisors and lawyers of our law firm finally won the transfer of PLN 20.000 for breaking an arm during a fall on a slippery pavement surface.

The case did not require any legal proceedings as after presenting appropriate arguments, the Insurance Company paid the due compensation to the client of the law firm.

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