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PLN 28 thousand for a damage to thumb

The story

In November 2015, Mr. Krzysztof R. while processing wood on a specialized machine in the workshop of his employer injured the thumb of his right hand.

The accident was caused by an unfortunate random situation and a failure of the equipment, which, regardless of Mr. Krzysztof, changed its mode of operation to a faster one. The victim was taken to the hospital where a thumb injury was diagnosed.

The injury required from him to give up work for six months and undergo grueling treatments at regular intervals to restore the use of his hand.

Throughout the rehabilitation process, Krzysztof felt pain and discomfort.

Insurer’s proposal

The Insurance Company, after analyzing the case of Mr. Krzysztof, proposed a payment of PLN 8000, but this amount was not adequate to the injuries suffered by the victim and the costs he incurred in connection with the treatment and restoring the use of his hand.

Mr. Krzysztof decided to seek support from a professional company dealing with enforcing settlements for victims and turned to our law firm for help.

Settlement received

The work of the advisers and lawyers of our law firm ultimately resulted in the transfer of PLN 28000.

The Insurance Company did not want to agree to the conditions we demanded, and Mr. Krzysztof’s representatives filed a lawsuit with the Insurance Company, which was won by PKPP.

The Insurance Company, by order of the court, paid our client compensation in the amount of PLN 28000.

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